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Custom Saunas in Haliburton County and Surrounding Areas

Worried about finding a sauna that will fit your space? SAUNACORE offers custom-designed saunas that ensure a perfect match for your home. Whether you want your sauna inside or outside your home, SAUNACORE has a model to suit your needs. SAUNACORE line of saunas comes in both dry and wet cedar versions. Visit SAUNACORE for model options, details and features such as infrared saunas! Located in Minden, TUBBY’S LEISURE PRODUCTS in Haliburton County offers quality custom saunas and in-home saunas. Call us to learn more about our products and services, or better still, visit our store.

Engineered with Perfection

If quality and efficiency are your utmost priority, then SAUNACORE’s line of spas is the perfect choice for you. The elegantly crafted hot tubs rank high in efficiency and durability. Specializing in the designing and building of high-end, custom residential and commercial sauna and steam rooms, SAUNACORE is known for their attention to detail. Therefore, the products are designed for experiencing ultimate sophistication, and true relaxation comes from soaking in comfort. Whether you are seeking to relieve pain, or just spend quality time with your family, opt for SAUNACORE hot tubs. These spas can be custom-designed as per your requirements and installed anywhere in your property.

Custom-Built Infrared Saunas

Get unsurpassed comfort with infrared saunas that are custom-built for your needs.

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