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Durable Cedar Hot Tubs in Haliburton County and Surrounding Areas

TUBBY’S LEISURE PRODUCTS in Minden carries the Dundalk Leisure Craft line of saunas and hot tubs for clients in Haliburton County, Bancroft, Minden, and surrounding areas. Take a look:

  • Saunas (barrel and cabin)

DUNDALK LEISURE CRAFT’s barrel and cabin saunas are built from high-quality western red cedar that has 1 ½″ thick walls for natural insulation that stays for a long time. The unique design gives a much smaller heating area than any rectangular sauna, making room for plenty of bathers. These saunas are high in demand owing to their high durability and stability. The saunas are extremely light due to the porous, cellular structure of wood.

Barrel saunas
indoor cabin saunas
  • Indoor and outdoor cabin log saunas

Experience the pleasure of a sauna, inside or outside, with stylish red cedar wood saunas that are designed for cottage or home. Manufactured from red cedar, they are highly durable and strong. These saunas import the beauty and functionality of the classic barrel saunas, but in the cabin format.

  • Pod saunas

The unique design of pod saunas offer extra head-space and rank high in comfort. They come in various sizes and in clear western red cedar. With endless options for customization, you can create your outdoor sauna as per your preference and needs.

cadar saunas
Cedar hot tubs
  • Outdoor cedar hot tubs

Also known as Japanese soaking tubs, the traditional style of cedar hot tubs allows you to relax in hot water, listening to a crackling fire. The tubs are handcrafted from clear western red cedar that stands the test of time.


At TUBBY’S LEISURE PRODUCTS, we do more than just selling hot tubs and spas from premium brands. We can help with all your installation and repair requirements. Furthermore, we also have a wide array of pool accessories and parts. Stop by our store to discuss your requirements.

Handcrafted Hot Tubs and Saunas

Available in unique shapes and sizes, DUNDALK LEISURE CRAFT spas are known for high efficiency and durability.

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